Please leave us a review on Google as well! We can also be found on YouTube so make sure you subscribe and follow our channel! We truly appreciate all the reviews that we receive.  We strive to make sure that our customers are happy with their new puppy and that the positive words get out about our breeding program.

We love our new little guy!

We got our new little guy, Dozer, two weeks ago from the Willy & Andi litter and he is so sweet. He and his big sister, Mochi, get along great and love playing together everyday! He is rambunctious at times (like any normal 12 week old puppy) but also calms down easily when we need him too. He is so sweet and a lover! We are so excited to watch him grow. Thank you, Countryside!

Colin & Ashley
Castle Rock, CO

We are in love!

We got our pup 2 weeks ago from the Siri and Chief litter. He is the sweetest most spunky boy!  He learned the dog door in 2 days and loves going in and out by himself. He has also learned sit, stay and come with just hand motions so far. He is probably 85% potty trained but really has been doing great. We started crate training as soon as we got home and he is doing well with it! Only gets up once at night now. His big brothers aren’t too sure about him yet but he loves snuggling up with them!  We love him and are so happy with him! We’ve been telling everyone we know about Countryside Kennels!  Thank you for our sweet guy!
The Moores
Tiffany Moore
Colorado Springs, CO

Best Dog Ever!

Smartest dog I’ve ever known. Love this little guy. Thank you guys again.



We love this dog! He is now 11 months old and 90 pounds! As former wolfhound owners, he is still our little guy. As to the other testimonials, they are spot on. He is sweet, loving, energetic and fun! He makes us laugh every day.

Castle Rock, Colorado

Best dog ever

We have the absolute best dog ever from Derek and Kara! We got Avery from them over a year ago and could not be happier. Avery is the sweetest, gentlest, most fun and cutest boy. He is 2 now and crazy smart! We got him to be a service dog to my husband and he takes his job very seriously. He was easy to train and now impresses people daily with his skills and demeanor. He is funny, goofy, sweet and loving. He absolutely changed our life and has helped my husband to heal. He loves to go hiking, biking and skiing with us or he’s happy to hang at home and watch a movie. I highly recommend anyone to get a pup from Derek. He knows his dogs so well and can help you pick the right one. I talked with him on the phone prior to us coming to the ranch to pick out a pup. He recommended our sweet Avery to us and could not have been more right. He is a perfect fit for us. Not only is he a beautiful dog (which people stop us everyday to comment on), he is the sweetest. He’s great with kids, all other dogs and everyone in general. He is so intuitive and can sense potential threats to you or your family. His is aware of everything going on and only reacts if he thinks something or someone might harm his family but never in an aggressive way. He just alerts you to any potentially unpleasant situation. If you’re even slightly interested in a dog from countryside kennels do yourself a favor and just go for it! Can’t thank Derek and Kara enough for giving us our furry little dude!

Leslie and michael
Fort colliNs co


I was looking into a new Shepherd and talked to several breeders; in hindsight, I was spot on in what I wanted in a dog with Derek and Kara and their breed of Shepherd. I’ve had “WTF”, aka. Whiskey for 6 weeks. No issues what so ever in anxiousness, accidents, temper, or behavior other than the normal “I’m a puppy”. He has been to 4 obedience classes and then for leadership and protection to follow from a former military dog handler/state task force handler/ FEMA handler who is working with me to get him to the level I desire. Dog has very high prey drive can turn it on when needed, can also be my couch buddy when we need to be. There is a bond and communication with this breed of dog that isn’t like many others and you don’t even have to always give a command. Out in public he is a smash, I take him to 3 to 5 new places a week. I have to plan twice the time for errands because everyone wants to see my pup and is with me 90% of the time on a daily basis.

In my opinion I made the best choice in this dog with Countryside Kennels. I’m happy I found a breeder that is knowledgeable about his breed and is on point on the expectations of how their dogs will develop and personalities. As time goes on I plan on getting another pup from Derek and Kara once Whiskey can become a mentor to the next dog. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog that can switch it on, switch it off and is intelligent enough to be that additional family member that fits in with little to no issues and that will create great memories for someone or their family.

Thank you Kara and Derek, you make our family a little bigger and a lot more love to spread around, along with a little slobber.


Paul McVicker
Indianapolis, IN

The Colorado Shepherd

Drax has been in our family for just over three weeks, he is about 14 weeks old, he amazes us everyday. Granted we are diligently working with him, but his aptitude is outstanding. He was house trained in 2 days with only one minor accident on day 3 due to human error. When Drax needs to go outside he brings the corresponding person one of their shoes!! He figured that out all on his own. We started Puppy 101 immediately and he mastered Sit, Down, Sit in the first session. The second session he schooled all the others in Come and even followed it with Sit directly after. He Waits patiently for his leash amd politely walks out the door. He is 14 weeks old. He is attentive, assertive, and gentle with his bite. The care that Derrek and Kara and their family put into their dogs is overwhelmingly evident even in these early stages with Drax. We are an active family and expect Drax to be a part of everything we do. He is learning the ropes and meets new experiences with confidence. We are so pleased to have found Derrek and Kara and even more pleased to have Drax (from Karma & Chief) in our lives. We already know we will get another dog from them in the future.

Cassidy Velazquez
Fort Collins


Hello, Derek and Kara! Today is Ragnar’s 7 month birthday! He is doing great and is truly a remarkable dog. He is very funny and affectionate and loves to play. We have been having him professionally trained since he was 5 months old and our trainer has fallen in love with him. She says he is remarkably confident and intelligent. He already does heel, sit, down and place….all off leash! He is very active and loves to run as much as he likes to walk. We have been doing doggy day care every day during the week and he does awesome with other dogs. The staff at the day care love him as well. We also have taken him every weekend to Bass Pro Shop and he does great with people as well. Ragnar is truly the dog we have been searching for and will be an integral part of our family for years to come!
Thank you for your breeding program and your dedication!
Kent and Corrie

Kent and Corrie Long

Wonderful breed

I bought Max from Countryside Kennels two years ago and this dog is so loyal. Max parents are Stryker (Sire) and Stella (Dam). We have a 3 year old and this dog has protected him and my girlfriend. One weekend I was away and my girlfriend said Max had heard gunshots in the neighborhood. She quickly got out of bed to see what was going on and noticed Max headed to our sons bedroom to check up on our son. Max quickly notice he was safe then went into our bedroom put his paws on the window and started to growl making his presence known. I’ve never trained Max to guard that was is natural instinct and his breed type. His days around the house consists of being a pup and loving everyone. His favorite thing to do is play tug-o-war with us. Derek and the family have made it so pleasant to buy dogs from. They’ve always answered any questions I’ve had about their dogs. Thank you

Daniel Hodges

Love my Ursa

Ursa, is just over one year old.
She is a beauty, invested in obedience classes, she is proud, fast, a strong athlete and smart.
The children come to my door to ask if they can play with Ursa…
Love her, thought you may enjoy seeing what a fine dog she has grown to be.

Brenda Hatch
Evergreen, CO

I knew when I picked

I knew when I picked out Flint at 10 weeks he would be good dog, but I never imagined how GREAT he actually would be. Flint potty trained in 2 weeks, learned all the essential commands in 1 week, and has been a dream of a dog. He will hike, run, play ball then turn around and chill on the couch for hours, sit quietly in a busy coffee shop at my feet, or stay still and quiet in a long car ride. He is amazing with all kids and dogs. Whenever we are in public everyone comments on how handsome he is or how well behaved he is. I have honestly hardly had to correct any behavioral issues, he is just naturally well behaved. He is so loving, but yet is so protective. He is by far the best dog I have ever owned. My husband and I are so impressed we are coming back in September to get a second!

Jenna Mooney
Virginia Beach, VA

Acquired 1-7-18 at 6 mos – Freda

I am loving her! I take her with me wherever I go (great traveler) but when she has to stay home she’s good with her crate. She hasn’t played with the tennis ball yet but she likes her rope tug and her Kong. In just 1 short week she’s great at heeling (seemed to do that without any coaching), she’s figured out “sit”, “down” and “stay” (for a short time). She learned how to go up and down stairs with confidence. We are working on getting her to accept the cat…making good progress. She has barked once…at the cat. My grandkids (ages 4 and 6) love her. She is so gentle and calm with them.

Thank you so much. My Boo girl (GSD) was a darn good dog but, I don’t think it’s too early to say, Freda is giving Boo a run for her money. 😊

Karen Sothoron
Fort Collins, CO

Our sweet Duchess

Our sweet Duchess could not have come into our lives at a better time. She is a perfect fit for our family. She is gentle with our two year old and we are so happy he will get to grow with her. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to make the trip to CO to get her. The whole experience was once in a lifetime and we are forever grateful. Derek took the time to speak with me at length about all our concerns and questions. They truely are creating the perfect “lassie” dogs. Thank you for helping our family heal from the loss of our Duke with the gain of our Duchess!

Ali BruEggen
Wichita, KS

One of the best dogs I’ve owned…

Kita is now two years old. She is protective and loyal and smart. She fits right in here and is excellent with all the livestock. While I try not to pick favorites amongst my dogs, she just might have a slight edge!!!

Calhan, CO


My Malinois has changed my life. He is protective, intelligent, amazing with children of all ages, and we share a connection that is once in a lifetime. This dog has brought me so much joy and companionship. I decided to get a Malinois when I moved to a new city and lived alone. Ace is so smart and can predict a threatening situation. He knows the difference between play and when to be protective/defensive and amazes me everyday. The past two years I have watched him learn and develop a personality. He has been around children and adults of all ages and is so gentle. He is the happiest dog I have ever met and shows endless love.

Derek has been so great. Ace is my first dog and Derek helped me through the process and addressed all of my concerns. I had been researching breeders for a year before I came across Countryside Kennels. I knew from the moment I spoke with Derek that this would be the perfect choice. I am so grateful to have found Ace, no person or animal could ever replace him.

Boston, MA


I picked up Zeus at 8 weeks old and have not had a second thought about it one time! He’s 7 months old now and is an absolutely amazing dog, everywhere we go people compliment him on his looks and his temperament. Everything Derek and Kara say about their dogs is 100% accurate, Zeus can play all day long with every kind of dog but knows how to turn it off when it’s time to. I get compliments daily on how well behaved he is at only 7 months old! I’m so happy that I found Countryside Kennels because Zeus is everything I was looking for in a dog.

Dave P
Denver, CO


Its been 2 months since we picked up raven. Shes been doing great. Loves to go for hikes in the mountains and loves camping. She goes to work with me everyday and we walk every morning. When the car door opens shes ready to go.

Golden, Colorado


After years of loving the Malinois breed, but knowing my household was not a good fit for their “exuberance”, I found Derek and Countryside Kennels. Gauge arrived here in Oregon at 10 months of age. I have owned a fair amount of dogs in my life, having competed in agility, but have never felt the same bond as I have with Gauge. I have no worries about my 6 year old daughter playing in the yard as Gauge is always right there with her. He’s protective yet kind, loyal yet loves all other dogs, bonded and incredibly goofy. We love his personality, love having the piece of mind having him around gives us and love having a “maligator” who can lay at our feet quietly. Can’t imagine not having him around.

Molalla, oregon


We brought Bane home a little over a year ago now, and it was the best decision we have ever made. Bane comes from Chief and Rios, and he truly embodies the perfect dog. Not only is he incredibly intelligent, he is sweet, funny and loving. The time we spent training him never seemed like work- he is quick to adapt and loves to be challenged. We walk him down the street and EVERYONE comments on his temperament and coloring/size/beauty- then when I tell others he is only one year old, they do not believe me! He is very trustworthy and loyal. He loves children, people and other dogs. He balances play and rest really well- never too hyper and knows how to “turn it off” when we need him to. He is our best friend and we can’t wait to have him with us for all our adventures.

Morrison, CO

Absolutely awesome dog!!!

This picture is of Ginger, at 4 months old. Everything they promised, they delivered!!! They breed the best Belgian Malinois mixes available, anywhere!!!
We will be back to get another one soon. Thank you so very much 🙂

Sylvia and Jeff
Colorado Springs, CO


A year ago yesterday we visited your farm and brought home Dash. He is the best dog and we are so happy with him. What a great temperament he has! Everything you say about your dogs on your website is absolutely true.

He weighs between 85 and 90 pounds, depending on how much exercise he is getting.

Amy Dudley
Aurora, CO


I have had Arlo for more than a year now and he is a big part of the family! He is so smart, gentle, playful, protective, beautiful, and great with kids. He has exceeded in obedience school, being the top of the class, as well as the youngest dog there at the time!
I have had so many people come up to me, complimenting me not only on how beautiful he is, but that they want to take them home and keep him for themselves!

Thank you so much, Kara and Derek, for breeding the best dogs and my best friend!

Olivia Maiocco
Long Beach, CA

We love our girl

Jennifer Blomquist
Calhan, CO

My Best Friend Has Four Legs!

Love these dogs! So do all 5 of my kids 😍

Dawn Kleine
Burlington, CO


I got the dog i was looking for!! Ill be back in the future.

JD Woofter
Colorado Springs, CO


My husband was searching for a smart AND obedient dog and found Countryside Kennels online. After much research and talking to Derek for over an hour, we decided one of the pups would be a good match. I was concerned about a “big” dog as we had a dachshund and a basenji already at home. Derek assured us that one of the pups would be great for the “pack”. We ended up with a GORGEOUS female that people literally stop in the middle of the road to ask about. Midnight has been with us just shy of a year, and the whole process of her coming to live with us in Virginia was easy and she is absolutely wonderful. She went through training with a professional trainer and we are able to walk her off leash around the neighborhood and we take her out wherever we go. We love her and she has been a great addition to our family! Thank you Derek and Kara for such a precious gift!

Heather Fogg Payne
Lovettsville, VA


KAT is the best dog on the face of the earth!!! Thanks Countryside!!!

Julie Rusin
Elbert, CO

Bonne and Pip

Bonne is the dark brindle and Pip the light brindle. I got Bonne when she was 7 months old to be my Service Dog for PTSD. She has been the easiest to train and the best thing that ever happened to me. I got Pip when she was almost two and I trained her to be a therapy dog for Soldiers. I served 20 years as a medic in the Army and if you are looking for a dog to be your service dog Derek is the one to go to. They are Sisters and have been the best dogs I have ever owned. Thank you Derek for changing my life and putting them in mine.

Angela Miller
Leesville, LA


Kara & Derek,

Hey a big thank you for letting us visit your Countryside Kennels, It was an incredible experience.  We are so impressed with you all and your dogs. It was also amazing watching them interact in your home with the kids, other dogs and cats.  We have now had our Zoey for a few weeks now and she is everything you said she would be – it’s amazing!!  She is so smart, a quick learner and for only 8 months old is so calm. Of all the dogs we have owned in our lifetime she is the absolute best!!

Thanks for all you do.

Brian & Linda Kaminski
Mukwonago, WI

Archer is 3

Archer is intense, loyal and the smartest dog that I have ever had, including purebred German Shepherds and Malamutes. He loves to run in the Mountains and is a great friend. I want more of Derek’s dogs.

Ron Davidson
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Beautiful dogs!!

We got Allie and Jax from Countryside when they were 4 months old. Both are absolutely beautiful, well mannered dogs that have the look of a Belgian Malinois with the gentle temperament of a German Shepherd.

Derek did a fantastic job answering our questions and explaining how they breed these amazing dogs. It was a great experience and we’re already planning a trip back for another pup!

Bryan & Sarah Taylor

Best all-around dogs!!

I thought I wanted a purebred Malinois until Derek explained his breeding philosophy and all the advantages I would get from his program. There has not been one dull day since picking up Dax.. (July 30,2015) This dog can do everything. He is great with my kids, protective of our family, excelled at obedience classes, and is a pure clown! Derek has always been great with my questions, extremely helpful with any concerns I might have and always available. When we get our next pup Countryside Kennels will be the first place we call! I cannot recommend Countryside Kennels enough, great breeder and awesome dogs!

CJ Shovlin
Greeley, CO

Amazing Breeder!!

We got an older pup (6 month old) from Countryside in 2016 and could not be happier. Our pup Imgi is an amazing dog, good natured, highly trainable, and well socialized. Derek has been an excellent resource and his philosophy for breeding dogs is the best I have seen. I will never get another dog elsewhere.

Mike & Nina Stemple
Lakewood, CO
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